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Meet Mayda

Entrepreneur, Author, Mother of twins Advisor and a Speaker

Mayda Barsumyan, CEO and founder of  iTransfluence a Digital Transformation Company focused on Transforming Communities, Organizations and Individuals Worldwide through Technology and Leadership Principles. She is a globally-recognized leader on digital business strategy, known for her pioneering work on using the organizational culture to drive digital transformation. Mayda is author of  “The Dx Culture Code” .

For over 25 years Mayda has been in the trenches working in all positions of technology gaining insight and knowledge, as well as creating formulas to take organizations to a level of global proportions.


From her work in the public sector to private and nonprofit organizations she has uncovered common threads that can be detrimental to the downfall of growth and potentially the death of the organization.


Mayda  brings  a  unique  combination  of  technology  brilliance and innovation strategies into the heartbeat of cultural development so an organization is foundationally built for digital transformation.


Mayda has consulted and developed custom Blueprints for upgrades, implementations, and system modernization for Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, NAPA, Centene, Oracle; Public Sector Organizations such as the State of California, City of Kansas City; Nonprofits such as Ascension Health, East Kentucky Power; Financial Services such as Prudential Reinsurance, Pacific Life; and many others. Currently, in addition to providing consulting services, Mayda is serving as interim Chief Digital Transformation Officer for companies that need digital leadership, but do not have that person internally.


Her passion for making a positive change in the world using digital transformation is a mission that goes back to her roots in the beginning of her career.




"Without an effective Digital Transformation strategy, businesses risk loosing their ability to change and adapt to the current market situation"

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