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Entrepreneur, Author, Mother of twins, Advisor and a Speaker

Mayda Barsumyan, CEO and founder of  iTransfluence a Digital Transformation Company focused on Transforming Communities, Organizations and Individuals Worldwide through Technology and Leadership Principles. She is a globally-recognized leader on digital business strategy, known for her pioneering work on using the organizational culture to drive digital transformation. Mayda is author of  “The Dx Culture Code” .

Mayda  brings  a  unique  combination  of  technology  brilliance and innovation strategies into the heartbeat of cultural development so an organization is foundationally built for digital transformation.

Her passion for making a positive change in the world using digital transformation is a mission that goes back to her roots in the beginning of her career.


Mayda's Books

Foreword by David Finkle Wall Street Journal best selling

author of scale

The Dx Culture Code



Digital Transformation (Dx) is a topic organizations can no longer afford to ignore. Companies are moving beyond the idea of going digital to becoming digital. Undergoing digital transformation is not as simple as flipping a switch or implementing a set of technical rules. Successful adoption and implementation requires organizations to shift their thinking and culture. Transformation takes time and is most successful when careful thought is given to what to digitize, when to digitize and how to digitize. The Dx Culture Code is a clear and insightful guide to help you make these decisions and begin to formulate your organization’s digital transformation strategy.  


The journey to becoming digital is filled with obstacles and challenges. Marketplace giants such as Toys R Us, Blockbusters, and Compaq learned first-hand the consequence of moving in the wrong direction, moving too slow or not moving at all. This book provides relevant answers to key business issues organizations face on their way to becoming digital. Mayda Barsumyan leverages her more than 20 years of experience to bring you valuable lessons and strategies to help you avoid pitfalls along the way.  


Digitally savvy organizations are forging ahead and concurring new territory by improving the way we live, work and play. They are radically changing the way we interact with each other and with technology.   


Game changing organizations are digitizing at unprecedented scale and speed. Now, more than ever, is the time to clarify your vision and prioritize your digital transformation strategy. 


Praise for

The Dx Culture Code

Mayda has a pulse on this and I enjoyed this book!


She was instrumental in transforming our local government treasury and cash management functions. She did more than what she was hired to do – which was to implement an ERP solution.  Going above and beyond to help us, she helped us understand how to transform our business processes with gave us full advantage of the power of the various modules being implemented. Her digital mindset and her enthusiasm is infectious and transformational.  She is a proven expert in this field.


—  Tammy Queen, Over 25 years specializing in Finance and Treasury

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